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About Me

So, who is this Grant Berg fellow?

I'm going to keep this short, as I think my individual blog articles are more important.

But here's the skinny on who I am and why I'm running:

  • I've been in Grande Prairie since 1991. Like most, I came here "for a year or two".

  • My 28 years here have been full and wonderful. My lovely wife Rhonda and have raised two children in a highly supportive community we're forever grateful for. 

  • My parents were both small business owners. My father was a rig hand and tool push before starting his own sandblasting business and eventually taking up farming. My mother started a store in Tofield that's still there today. They believed in hard work, generosity, and taking people seriously.

  • I spent 23 years at CJXX here in Grande Prairie. I only left them to take on the GM role at 2day FM. And I only left them because I felt the family call to entrepreneurship (opening up a pair of art galleries). 

  • Rhonda and I have done our best to give back. I've volunteered heavily with the GPRC Arts Advisory Council, Sunrise Rotary, Grande Prairie Downtown Association, Scouts Canada, and the Sexsmith Museum Society. 

  • I chose the Alberta Party because they're the only one willing to let local MLAs take local approaches to local issues. (All other parties are top-down. The Alberta Party demands that every MLA bring forward local solutions based on intense listening.)

If you'd like to learn more, I hope you'll read through a few of my blog articles. But most of all, I'm just glad that you're reading this and that I have an opportunity to write it and that we both have the great blessing of being able to call Grande Prairie home.

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